New York Knicks

New York has always been known as the mecca of basketball in the world and there is no place that resembles it more than Madison Square Garden home of the New York Knicks. The Wikipedia article for the New York Knicks was first created in the year 2002 and has been edited over 4,300 times in the past twelve years in relation to the time between edits being less than .97 times a day means it can be considered a pretty popular Wikipedia page. However, that is not a surprise because, the Knicks are a large market professional sports franchise(Knicks) and as a pro franchise they natural get all their information from a primary source in this case the National Basketball Association. Many of the rosters, season outcomes, and day to day updates can be lead back to the NBA or the team itself as a credible source to be cited on the Wikipedia page making almost all of the information located on the page itself sufficient in correlation to Henry Jenkins theory of Collective Intel.

In Henry Jenkins article “What Wikipedia Can Teach Us about New Media Studies”, he defines the notion of collective intelligence as the ability to pool knowledge and compare notes with others towards a common goal”(Jenkins), which in turn is exactly what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia allows users to gather various information on a wide range of topics and share it with the rest of the world accurately to an extent. As anyone has the ability to edit any article regardless of credentials, age, etc… However, with a wiki page relating to a sports team such as the new York Knicks this is hardly an issue because, according to the statistical information the page is revised everyday on average meaning there will almost never be any major errors on the page as it is edited so frequently.

A lot of editing goes into the construction of a professional sports team like the New York Knicks however, This is can be a good source to learn about the team but only to an extent. Jenkins describes the notation that nobody knows everything but everyone knows something(Jenkins). Even though the wiki page for the New York Knicks holds a good amount of information on the team’s history this is not every single piece of history that the team has to offer. The article fails to realize just how much the Knicks organization actually means to basketball as a whole because although the NBA has record of all the statistical information about the Knicks there is still more to learn about the franchise that is not present in the wiki article on a more iconic level. However, the fact that this Wikipedia article is so popular and edited so much it can be regarding as a good source of collective intelligence for any user that has interest in learning more about the current team or its legendary history as an iconic basketball team.


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