Group 5 – Cyborg Proposal

As a group we will be focusing our project on the topic of Cyborgs from our Week 4 discussions.

 “A Manifesto for Cyborgs: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the 1980s” by Donna Haraway is going to be a main muse as we explain our views of how cyborgs are becoming even more a reality than she explains in her text.

We are going to create a video that shows our ideas that over the past decades we have seen technology become a greater part of our lives with each new day. With this video we plan on incorporating key quotes from Haraway’s message in a way the exudes scholarly reflection on this complex  idea.

In our video for this project you will see clips from very famous Hollywood films both from the past and present to represent our ideas. There will also clips from old television series clips that help to bring our vision to life. Lastly we hope to incorporate real life news stories into the video.  Once again this is to make anyone who watches this video realize that technology and cyborgs have become an increasingly integrated part of our society.

As we look for some form of inspiration for this video we hope to modle it similarly to this link As a group we believe this type of video will give us a chance to convince the audience of our key points through the examples in our video.