Resources + Tools

ASU Student Support Services

  • Writing Support: You can always see me during my office hours, or by appointment, if you would like help with your assignments or critical writing skills, but there are also some wonderful resources, both online and on campus that you should take advantage of.  A full list of resources is available here.
  • Counseling and Career Services: This center offers counseling for personal and career concerns, and connections to off-campus mental health resources.
  • Disability Resource Center: The DRC provides academic support services to eligible students with disabilities.  Please inform me if you require special accommodations due to a disability.

Using WordPress/Blog Assignments

I’ve created a downloadable WordPressPostingWalkthrough that will cover the basics of posting blogs for your assignments in this class.  There are also ample WordPress tutorials online if you get stuck.

Video Essay Assignment (Best Practices and Tools)

In order to more effectively make fair use claims, codes of best practices have been developed by various communities of practice (documentarians, librarians, poets, media educators, etc.) to identify common copyright concerns, and how to approach them.  Here’s a useful Code of Best Practices for Online Video, which will be helpful to you as you conceptualize your remix project.

In terms of “best practices” for this assignment, your group should:

  1. Responsibly source video and audio (consider the 4 factors, take only the amount you need, use creative commons materials whenever possible)
  2. Cite your sources, whether they’re direct quotes from the readings, or a collection of audio and video files
  3. Cultivate a strong fair use defense for the materials you use (especially, be attentive to making sure your uses of copyrighted materials are transformative)

And here are some tools to get started with….

Video Editing

  • iMovie (ample tutorials available online)
  • Windows Movie Maker (ample tutorials available online)

Ripping DVDs

Downloading Videos from YouTube (or Vimeo, etc.)

Audio Editing

Searching for Creative Commons-licensed materials


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