Transmedia: Scandal Blog Post #3

The Media Property in focus is the television show “Scandal” researching on their main cite I was able to find transmedia extensions. During the reading Janet Murray discusses the topic of Multiform Storytelling which is explained (page 30) “Describe a written or dramatic narrative that presents a single situations. Henry Jenkins paragraph 8 says “collective intelligence, refers to new social structures that enables to production and circulation of knowledge within a networked society. What I have taken from these quotes in both readings was they relate to Scandal due to the fact it is a television show. There are plenty of media properties and some may not have extensions because of the genre type. My key concepts in this blog post for Scandal is Hypertext Fiction and Negative Capability.


Hypertext fiction is the first things to notice as a new technology, according to Janet Murray everything in todays society has become digital. The main cite of Scandal is filled with information and links for fans, journalist, any Scandal followers to click and go. Streaming the website webisodes are shown on link 5 to watch the episodes online. Hypertext fiction allows reader typically to link from one node of the episodes to the next text. The main site allows you to read blog post from fans as well as the characters describing the context of the show allowing you to read along and understand the outcome of the show.


The next concept to focus on about scandal is negative capability which connect to other concepts as well like migratory cues. What Jenkins mentions about negative capability is “narrative pleasure stems from the desire to know what will happen next, to have that gap opened and closed, again and again. This concept describe the Scandal series due to the chronological order the episodes are played. Leaving the audience clueless as to what is going on throughout. This leaves unanswered questions for the audiences whether the audience enjoyed the show or not they will tune into the next show and log onto the main site using the Hypertext links. Therefore most things correlate to one another allowing one to tune into the show Scandal as well the main cite, and webisodes.

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MacBooks have influence our daily lives, the behaviors since the first macbook was developed in 1984. Most people did not know how to operate them, it was perceived as a way  for businessman and woman to have an easier way of investing as well as keeping files and important documents safely stored instead of actual paperwork.

In 1984, people used them for business/finance, desktop publishing, education and teaching the most, graphic designing, and visual effect. Knowing this information on how it influenced teaching and education for schools. It educated doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, also artist.

This perception of MacBooks have changed due to others opinion on which computers they were comfortable using and what is easier to operate and price wise what is more affordable. Since the first macbook they have gotten smaller more compact, travel size, and wireless.


MacBooks were promoted through Apple at the time referred to as “Macintosh” television commercials, billboards posting etc.

“Apple Inc. maintained a style of contemporary art focusing and showing how the product is used rather than thing the consumer about the product”. Using commercials also campaigning popular slogans creating competition among other computer companies for example “Think Different” and “Switch”. These slogans began to take advantage of other companies and bringing Macintosh more customers towards desktop MacBooks as well as laptops. Campaign competition between Macintosh and Microsoft began with the slogan “Get A Mac”. This began to show people the difference in the computers they were using and what they could be using, so it gave new customers the anxiety or the anxiousness to try new things with a MacBook desktop or laptop.


MacBooks in my opinion make an extension in prior technology, because they extend the knowledge of others and I believe people of this society rely on these devices as of today. Gunning asked a question (page 42) “ What happens in modernity to initial wonder at a neck technology or dvicd when the novelty has faded into the banality of the every day”? My observation towards this question related to MacBooks and computers in general, because life as we know it would have come to a “screeching” halt if we did not computers. Computers have influenced business, computer gamers, movies and music, and of course social networks allowing us to communicate from anywhere in the world. 

(Page 43) Gunning discusses “Discourse” and believes that “newness” of technology its capacity to dazzle us, is always in some sense the product of discourses surrounding it”. This quote also applied to my object. because the new material that supply us with on MacBooks whether it be new updates, apps, anything free or in a great price range can dazzle us, because of the advertisements and what how we perceive the information and how we could use it.


Tom Gunning’s article “Re Newing Technology” explains to us in depth providing readers with information about where new technology has come from before it have became “New” to us and in the near future. MacBooks were invented years ago they blind us with the new technology now when we have the same devices from different years. The new technology we have to day has made a big impact on society today.


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