You just got “served”

The subject  and article I chose was called “Serve (tennis)”. The article entailed the point of the serve, the types of service, as well as how to hit certain serves. Looking through the statistics of the article itself, it showed that it was started in 2005 and having the latest update yesterday (as of feb 15,  2014). As far as how many people have seen the article it shows fewer than 30 watchers, but well over 700 edits by 431 editors. While looking through the edits the biggest arguments of editing are made because of new records. This makes sense since records are constantly being broken and one upped. Using this article as a test page, I can agree that Wikipedia (references mostly) can be used for a source of collective intelligence. Having played tennis for the past 13 years, and teaching it for the past six years  I can testify that all of the information provided is correct. Although not all pages are as simple as this topic, from all the articles I have seen there seems to be quite accurate information across the board. With Wikipedia being an web encyclopedia with the knowledge  of the community those with vast knowledge on the subject have an opportunity to share and showcase it to the public. As Henry Jenkins said in his second article, “Wikipedia invites youth to imagine what it might mean to consider themselves as experts on some small corner of the universe. As they collect and communicate what they know, they are forced to think of themselves writing to a public. This is no longer about finding the right answer to get a grade on an assignment but producing credible information that others can count upon when they deploy it in some other real world context.” By being forced into putting ones best onto the internet the information provided can be counted on that much more. Beyond the desire to provide helpful information to others, by placing ones information in the open it allows others to critique and force you to prove all facts and allegations. With posts a simple or straightforward such as the one with tennis serves, the facts are hard to dispute as they have been around for quite some while and can be easily trusted by most. With much more complex articles such as certain physics or concepts of poems where interpretation is necessary, articles may be having many more arguments and using the references rather than the actual information itself is a must.


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