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  For my first blog post I chose to do it on the new Xbox one. To tell you a little bit about the early years of the Xbox it all started about 13 years ago. Microsoft put 30 million dollars into the game that truly made Xbox what it is today ( That game is the original halo that dropped with the new console. Bill Gates and Microsoft were a bit nervous about the consoles release due to the way it looked and the large budget of 299 dollars (


   Now back to the recently released Xbox one and how it has become the ultimate gaming machine. The four stages of amazement truly come into play with the Xbox one. As you can see in my meme below, that one of them is labeled “what my grandparent think it does” and it is a space ship taking off. I selected the space ship because to my grandparents this console looks futuristic and they would probably have no idea how to get to the Internet or even play a game. To them this console is amazing because they just thought that it was a DVD player until I showed them all of the available features. Those features include Netflix, YouTube the Internet and even NFL updates and highlights. The physical shock aspect is more of what happens when my friends would be playing this game. As soon as I got the Xbox one       I saw two of my friends jaws drop and eyes widen. Adapting to technology came pretty easy for Microsoft and the Xbox one. The whole system is faster; you can get in and out of games as well as from app to app very quickly. The new action proponent to me is how they matched the PS3 and PS4 by adding the blue ray DVD capability to the Xbox one.


 The uncanny aspect of the Xbox one isn’t as big of a deal as it was in t 2002 when the original Xbox came out. I remember being kind of weirded out but very excited when I first got the Xbox in the 2nd grade. I was weirded out because I had never seen anything quite like this console. The original Xbox logo was neon green before neon colors were even cool. That’s what gave me the weird uncanny feeling about the new console. But in todays world the only people who are not familiar with the Xbox one are mostly old people who wouldn’t really bother to buy one.

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By chuddtaylor