Copyright and Piracy Group 1

The focus of our video is going to be on the week 11 topic, copyright and piracy. We will use ideas from William Patry’s “How the Copyright Wars Are Being Fought and Why” and Lawrence Lessig’s “Pirates” and “Piracy.” We also intend on using miscellaneous clips from Youtube regarding copyright infringement to further our argument. Some of these videos include news stories comparing the theft of physical objects to those of which can be obtained virtually, as well as fan-made music videos and game reviews that have been taken down for breaking copyright laws.

Our video, as you can probably tell, will be a mashup. The mashup will be formed in a linear way to convey our message as clear and precise as possible. The message being where the line of piracy and fair use is drawn. Ironically our video will include “copyrighted” works within it, seeing as some of the clips we will use within our video were taken down for copyright infringement. The clips used can exercise fair use of copyright because this is for an educational purpose.

In “How the Copyright Wars Are Being Fought and Why” by William Patry, and analysis and investigation of why the music business has been receding in recent years. While most record companies blame piracy and uncooperative consumers, musicians and former executives blame rising retail prices and bad music, both reasons why no one would buy it. Bono of U2 was quoted as saying, “Don’t believe (the people who claim piracy is killing the music business).Crap music is hurting music. Give people what they want when they want it”. The quote later explains that the industry is not ready to evolve and other parts of the reading emphasize that the industry does not want to cannibalize the ways of old.It seems as if the industry is just afraid to do anything about the decline in sales and is blaming all they can but themselves. The profits go down so the prices go up. It shouldn’t be surprising that consumers do not want to buy a record for 23 dollars when it should be 10.

Our video will be similar to this one below, a mashup that gives its message through taken audio and images.

By asu130670