Test II

FMS 110: Introduction to New Media
Test II Study Guide
Thursday, May 1, 2014

REMINDER: You’re responsible for providing your own green (or blue) books.

Below you’ll find a partial list of IDs and a list of screenings you’ll be responsible for. The midterm will be comprised of two parts:
1. A series of identifications (you will define the term, identify which article or lecture the term comes from, and tie it to the broader themes of the course)
2. Essay questions (relating the reading and lecture content to the screenings)
Both sections will offer you choices on which questions to answer.

Identifications (please note, IDs NOT listed below may appear on the exam):
Old vs. New Digital Divide

Net Neutrality

3 “computational thinking” skills

Affinity Spaces

Qualities of well-designed experiences

Participation Gap

Function of Copyright Law

What can/can’t be copyrighted

Tensions of the Copyright Wars

Logical Fallacies surrounding Copyright

Types of filesharing

Fair Use & the “Four Factors”

Transformativity/Transformative Works


Remix as Rhetoric/Digital Argument

Problem with “genres” of remix

“It Gets Better” Campaign

Vernacular Video

Mediated vs. Unmediated Publics

Impression Management

Identity Tourism


Huizinga’s 5 Characteristics of Play

Caillois’ 4 Types of Games

Ludology vs. Narratology


Game vs. Video Game

The Magic Circle

Diagetic Machine Acts

Non-Diagetic Operator Acts

Diagetic Operator Acts

Non-Diagetic Machine Acts

You will be responsible for the following screenings:
* RiP: A Remix Manifesto
* Catfish: The TV Show
* Clips of video games screened in class (on the course blog)

Happy studying! If you have any questions or concerns, see me or Jessica during office hours

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