Test I

FMS 110: Introduction to New Media

Test I Study Guide

Thursday, March 20, 2014


REMINDER: You are responsible for providing your own bluebooks.

Below you’ll find a partial list of IDs and a list of screenings you’ll be responsible for.  The midterm will be comprised of two parts:

1. A series of identifications (you will define the term, and tie it to the broader themes of the week and course)

2. Essay questions (relating the reading and lecture content to the screenings)

Both sections will offer you choices on which questions to answer.


Identifications (please note, IDs NOT listed below will appear on the exam):

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants            Closed vs. Open Interactivity

The 5 Principles of New Media                          4 stages of amazement

Defamiliarization                                                    Uncanny

Convergence Culture                                             Participatory Culture

Horizontal Integration                                         Moral Economy

“Engaged” vs. “Exploited labor                         Freeconomies

Public Relations                                                       Egocasting

Digital Enclosure                                                    Textual Poaching

Cyborg                                                                         Socialist vs. Radical Feminism

The Homework Economy                                    Boundary Breakdowns to Create Cyborgs

Posthumanity                                                            3 waves of cybernetic studies

Skeuomorph                                                               Alan Turing

The Turing Test                                                        3 elements of a digital computer

Turing’s 9 “Objections”                                          Learning Machines

Googlization                                                              Google Search

4 skills tied to New Media Literacies              Qualities of Wikipedia

Collective Intelligence                                           The Expert Paradigm

Systemic Bias                                                            3 Concerns about New Media Literacies

Transmedia Storytelling                                      Negative Capability

Migratory Cues                                                        Multiform Plot

Hypertext                                                                   Tensions surrounding transmedia stories

Self-branding                                                            Post-feminism

Panopticon                                                                 Archives

Memory vs. Storage                                               MEMEX

Database subject                                                     YouTube as Digital Archive

You will be responsible for the following screenings:

* Digital Nation

* Black Mirror (“Be Right Back”)

* The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

* Pretty Little Liars (“Know Your Frenemies”)

* Black Mirror (“The Entire History of You”)

NOTE: You may also bring in examples from clips we screen in class.

Happy studying!  If you have any questions or concerns, see Professor Scott or Jessica during our office hours, or by appointment.


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