Code Academy


Due: Sunday, March 16th by 8pm

This is a simple pass/fail assignment (e.g. students who complete the assignment by the deadline will receive an A, late assignments will be docked one letter grade per week, incomplete assignments will receive an F), comprised of 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for a Codecademy account.
  2. Under the “Learn” Tab, select “Web Fundamentals” and then the “Introduction to HTML” course.
  3. Complete the course (comprised of two sections, “HTML Basics” and “Build Your Own Webpage”) and send me a screengrab of your badges via email (  It should look like this:

Achievements - Codecademy

This assignment is designed simply to give you some basic understanding of the architecture of web pages.  You should also view the source code of several of your favorite sites (in Chrome, click “View” then “Developer” and “View Source” in the dropdown menu) to get a sense of how the basic literacies you’ve just developed play out on a professional scale.

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