Blog Option #3: Transmedia

Transmedia Extension

Due: Sunday, March 2 by 8pm

Building on our readings and lecture from Week 6 on transmedia storytelling and networked narratives you will research and compose a 350-500 word blog post about a digital narrative extension for a media property of your choosing (a film, TV show, or video game).  After selecting your media property, pick one of the following forms of transmedia extensions as the focus of your blog post:

  • Webisodes
  • Character twitter accounts
  • Character blogs or websites rooted in the fictional “world” of the story
  • Webcomics
  • Minigames or Alternate Reality games
  • Wikis (this should be an entire wiki devoted to a franchise, not an entry on Wikipedia)

A good place to start looking for this content is on the media property’s website (see example from the site for NBC’s Heroes below).


Your analysis of this digital narrative extension should address the content’s narrative connection to the primary text (e.g. how is it networked or “linked,” either narratively or literally, to the film, TV show, or video game), and should be structured around 2-3 of the following concepts from your readings by Henry Jenkins and Janet Murray:

  • multiform story
  • self-reflexivity
  • hypertext fiction
  • worldbuilding
  • negative capability
  • cultural attractors and cultural activators
  • additive comprehension
  • migratory cues

Consider how the different forms of transmedia extensions (a webisode vs. an in-character social media account) serve different narrative functions.  In addition to hyperlinking to the transmedia extension you’ve chosen somewhere in your post, you must include some visual representation of this content (either embedded videos or images) to support your analysis.  


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