Blog Posts

You are required to complete two posts to our course blog.  Each blog post is worth 10% of your course grade, and you can select which two posts you’d like to write from the following three topics:

Option 1: Old/New Media Meme (due: 2/2 by 8pm)

Option 2: Wikipedia + Collective Intelligence (due: 2/16 by 8pm)

Option 3: Transmedia Extension (due: 3/2 by 8pm)

These blog posts serve as reading responses, and to acclimate you to writing multimodal criticism for the web.  You will be graded on the following:

  • If your post reflects a clear understanding of the reading and thoughtful explanation and application of related terms and concepts.
  •  If you use images, video and other media forms to effectively support your argument, creating a dynamic conversation between your chosen visuals and analysis.

I’d strongly recommend selecting the blog posts that work best for your schedule/workload and putting these due dates in your calendar now.


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