Group 8 – Surveillance Arguement

Our group presentation is centered around surveillance, but more specifically how people in our current day and age can mindlessly provide information and spew out their thoughts and ideas without thinking about the consequences of it. Our argument is centered mainly on the amount of information that people provide on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, so effortlessly with full consent without thinking about the repercussion. We plan on projecting our views through a fake movie/TV show trailer, in conjunction with movie clips and music to create a thriller that expresses the dangers and possible threats that can arise by sharing too much information. Our vision of the project encompasses the idea that the digital enclosure social media sites provide are similar to Benthams idea of a panopticon. People are aware that their information is being presented on the internet and is being watched and observed at all times, but what they don’t realize is who exactly has access to this information. This is where the dangers of consenting our information so willingly is derived from, and plan to demonstrate this by showing the threats that a serial killer, rapist, pedophile, or even a stalker can pose on unsuspecting victims that present too much of their personal information on social sites.


The video that our group drew its inspiration comes from is, Group 3’s video remix on Romantic Disturbance, which show cases Disturbia as a love story.

After watching the video our group took a dark and morbid reception to it, seeing the possible horrors that could arise from surveillance. From there we plan to play off the theme of stalking that the video shows, and add a suspenseful and hazardous atmosphere to our remix video to aid us in presenting our ideas. Not only does our inspiration stem from this video but from our reading by Andrejovic on the Digital Enclosure and this quote in particular, “It is, however, critically important to consider precisely what the cost of these conveniences might end up being, not just in economic terms, but in terms of control over information”. This quote encompasses our whole idea of surveillance, although it might be convenient to give Facebook your email, phone number, and any other personal information of yours you sacrifice through their messaging system or through public sharing, there is no control over this information and it can be compromised and taken at any moment. As long as the threat persists of who can access this information remains, people should be more wary and cautious with the information they decide to share through social media.

By zansrule

One comment on “Group 8 – Surveillance Arguement

  1. It’s great that you’re starting out with a clear topic, and in general I think your choice to focus on the conceptual intersection between Andrejevic’s discussion of the digital enclosure, Bentham’s panopticon, and our population of social media sites with personal data is a good one. That said, I have a couple of notes and ideas on how you might further refine this concept. First, I think creating a fake trailer is fine, and could be very effective, but I don’t get a clear enough sense of how what you’re proposing differs from the other student video example you draw on here. It almost seems like you’re proposing remixing this particular video- in general, before you begin you should collectively as a group discuss if you plan to remix one film into a fake trailer (as this group did), or if you plan to pull from multiple media sources. Second, Andrejevic’s concerns around the digital enclosure are all about moving away from the sort of obvious threats we commonly associate with surveillance (as you note above, serial killers, pedophiles, etc) to address what he considered a more nefarious presence- companies and corporations. I would consider A. how you’re deploying this term from him (and making sure you’re accurately reflecting his argument), and B. who is sitting in the guard tower of this virtual panopticon you want to address. You have a great foundation here, but you might need one more meeting as a group to solidify this idea (both in terms of content and style) before moving forward.

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