Group 6 – Surveillance Proposal

Our team has decided to centralize our argument around surveillance and to put into focus the idea that surveillance is no longer left to an authoritative power, rather, it has been democratized and put into the hands of the public. We will focus on explaining how this either benefits or damages us as a society. Sarah Banet-Weiser in “Branding the Post-Feminist Self: Girls’ Video Production and Youtube” explores both negative and positive vantage points of this “democratizing potential” explaining that this is only made possible because of “it’s flexible architecture, the relative accessibility of the technology, the capacities for users to become producers, and the construction of the Internet as a participatory culture.” (pg. 279) Thanks to an almost unlimited amount of information that the Internet brings in Web 2.0 it seems as if our society cannot escape this “digital enclosure” we have created. This digital enclosure can be compared to the likings of Bentham’s panopticon, however, we in our project would like to deconstruct his model and explain that in this new digital enclosure we are no longer the prisoners in cells and the “powers at be” in the watchtower, we are both the prisoner and the watchtower. Our group has chosen to formulate our video essay and pose it as a fan vid. Our main argument for the “good” of democratic surveillance poses around the events of the Boston Bombings and the airplane of Flight 370 and how the public has been asked to take an authoritative stance and come together with collective intelligence to help solve these cases for the greater good. We will interlace images of both events to help demonstrate the positive side of surveillance and internet democratization. To show the “creepy” or negative side of surveillance, we will include posts and tweets of our classmates either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the intent and hope to shock our peers while explaining the idea that we are being surveilled at all times and this comes at a cost of living in a digital enclosure. The imagery will switch from heroic and lighthearted to emphasize the positive aspects while then changing to more ominous and dark themes to highlight a “scary” aspect of surveillance.

The video “Surveillance” (see above) is not only aptly titled, it has a certain tone and gravity that we hope our video portrays. The information at the beginning is enlightening and educational, both aspects we hope to touch on in our video. The quick montage of videos of the actress shared an aspect of the willingness to put ourselves in the digital enclosure to which I think will also be very appropriate in our video.

-Andy Ward, Aldo Mucino, Carter Olson, Silver Madala

Other videos will we consider modeling our project after:

This advertisement is great because it shows of all the ways that we “should” be wary of surveillance, my hope using this video would be to spoof it or emphasize why we might “need” these securities.

The Onion explains it best and exemplifies how we as a society willfully give out personal information without exploring the ramifications of this.


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One comment on “Group 6 – Surveillance Proposal

  1. This is a fantastic proposal, both in terms of clearly articulating the focus and argument of your video, and in how you’re planning to execute that argument. The videos here are especially helpful for getting a sense of the tone, and possible styles, your video might take. As we discussed in class, since you’re choosing to make this as a fan vid, you might consider mashing up two different songs to clearly delineate between “good” and “bad” forms of surveillance you’re attempting to explore here.

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