Group 3: Cyborgs Proposal

Katherine Hayles said our readings, “…even a biologically unaltered homo sapien can count as posthuman. The defining characteristics involve the construction of subjectivity, not the presence of nonbiological components.” Our group aims to explore that quote in terms of the reality of the meaning of what it means to be post human in today’s society.  As opposed to being a literal human/machine hybrid, we’re focusing on the more abstract way that humans today can be cybernetic.  Society is so entangled with digital space, our mobile devices and connection to the internet so we feel that technological elements that we rely on are extensions of ourselves.

We want to use ‘nomophobia’ as a structuring element for out video essay.  Nomophobia is the fear of being out of contact with a mobile phone.  When many of us forget or leave our phone somewhere, we feel a sense of disconnect or stress that we’re missing something important.  This translates into cyborgs in the way that people have evolved to rely on devices and inherently, those devices are viewed as an extension of self.  People express themselves through their devices, connect with others through devices and document their lives through devices.

We plan to do this in a mashup fan video and video essay manner.  We want to draw clips from television and movies where we see this reliance and heavy use of mobile and technology being used and explain them in a manner that relates to our view.  We have also found a song that we want to use to help illustrate how frequently people turn to their devices and social media.

This video we found mimics the nature of the facts we have found and want to share about nomophobia and the dependence of today’s society on technology.

This video is effective in displaying how social networking sites have become more popular and integral to society and our aim is to show how we today have evolved to need mobile devices and how integral it has become–but also as a medium that connects us to social media.


One comment on “Group 3: Cyborgs Proposal

  1. Great proposal- you clearly articulate the focus of your video, and I think the quote from Hayles’ work on posthumanity that you’ve selected as inspiration is great (you might consider kicking off the video with this quote in text). As we discussed in class, I also find “nomophobia” intriguing as a structuring device, just make sure you’re drawing on scholarly sources to support this portion of your audiovisual analysis. If you’re looking to formally mimic the video you’ve embedded above, you might consider using some free tools online for image editing ( or for infographic creations to make these stats more dynamic (

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