Transmedia Extension: Supernatural

There aren’t many T.V shows that excel at killing off your favorite characters, or that can pull of killing the main characters, many times, but one that does so successfully is Supernatural. Supernatural is an action/drama/horror show that revolves around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are born Hunters that hunt down malicious spirits, demons, monsters, and occasionally might kill an angel or two as well. The show thrives on the drama that arises in the story to keep viewers captivated onto it, but still manages to manifest Henry Jenkins idea of transmedia story telling successfully. In Henry Jenkins blog he states his definition of transmedia story telling as, “Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes its own contribution to the unfolding of the story”. Supernatural encompasses this perfectly through its use of HyperText Fiction, of branching out the story line through different medias.


An example of this is through the Supernatural animated web series titled “Supernatural the Animation”. According to the Supernatural wiki this anime was announced by the Warner Brothers Japanese website, and although not all of the episodes include the real actors voices, they still participated in voicing a few of the episodes. This web series was only 23 episodes long but it went over the first 2 seasons of the show, but most  importantly it provides clarification and details regarding Sam and Deans childhood before they became hunters. Since the actual show begins when the brothers are in their 20’s and already fully fledged hunters this animated series provides more back ground knowledge regarding the brothers and their father before they themselves became hunters. Not only does it focus on the brothers, but it provides information on sub characters and how they became involved with their father, Jon Winchester, which in turn provided them connections with the brothers as well.





In addition to the web series they also produced a series of comic books to help expand the Supernatural world, such as the first comic Supernatural Origins did. The comic mainly focuses on their father Jon Winchester and his life before he met his wife, Mary Winchester, and after her death where he then pursued the life of a hunter. From there the comic expands to the childhood of Sam and Dean and the different lives the brothers lived in their childhood which molded them into the drastically different characters they eventually become.


Together these two media forms merge together to add commentary and depth to the characters of Supernatural and to fill in any gaps or questions that are left unanswered in the show. They both add details to the world of Supernatural and serve as Addictive Comprehension as well, molding the consumers perspective on the characters and the choices they go on to make in the actual story itself, and provide justification for them.


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  1. The first paragraph does a good job of introducing the television show to an unfamiliar reader. While the paragraph discusses Jenkins’s text, introducing the title and providing definitions for keywords like hypertext fiction and additive comprehension could provide necessary information for the reader to fully understand the context and meanings of the arguments in the blog post. Try to avoid using vague pronouns, like they to describe important details, like the creators of the comic book series. The last paragraph of the blog post starts on a strong note, leaving the reader with a clear idea of your main points; however, try to avoid introducing new information in the last few sentences of the post, like the term additive comprehension (and don’t forget to spell check before submitting blog posts). Introducing new information at the end of the post leaves little space to explore a new idea and can make the post feel incomplete.

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