Transmedia ex Mortis

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Evil Dead is one of the most beloved cult franchises in the history of horror. The series contains three films and a recent reboot/continuation, all at least partially handled by Sam Raimi. His masterpiece was also present for the emergence of Transmedia and benefitted from this new wave of technology.

The Evil Dead crossed platforms into both video games and comic books also handled by Raimi. This was likely done to both expand the universe and “to draw viewers who are comfortable in a particular medium“ (Jenkins). Because of the very nature of horror, key lore is left out of the films to maintain a foreboding atmosphere. This negative capability inherent in the genre opens the door for numerous sequels and, of course, Transmedia franchises.

For constraining purposes, we’re only looking at the video games and we’re limiting analysis to the last three additions (the first being on…

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One comment on “Transmedia ex Mortis

  1. Providing basic background information on The Evil Dead might help readers who do not have experience with the films follow some of the more detailed parts of your analysis. On that same note, while the detailed analysis provides several interesting observations about the games and the franchise, engaging with the readings throughout, rather than at the beginning and end of the analysis might lead to a more cohesive argument overall and would make the readings seem more relevant to the post. Be sure to define keywords, like world-building, for readers who might not be familiar with these terms. Introducing the texts by Jenkins and Murray within the blog post would provide useful context for readers who are not familiar with the readings. Engaging with the images from the post in the text might make the images seem more relevant to the text and would prevent the images from distracting the reader or interrupting the flow.

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