The Avengers Transmedia Storytelling


For years marvel had been setting up for a same universe movie that would tie their films in as a whole. Which finally happened in 2012 with the first Avengers movie. Since its release Marvel has become a huge transmedia storytelling movement to keep loyal fans engaged from movie to movie. Transmedia storytelling is using multiple forms of media such as television, film, video games, etc. to tell only one tale.  Marvel has taken full advantage of transmedia storytelling in a multitude of ways like phone apps, Facebook games, comics (I know, who would have guessed Marvel would use comics, right?), and ultimately a television show. At this point The Avengers series seems like an unstoppable force.

avengers 5

Around the time of the release of The Avengers, Marvel launched a Facebook game and an application for both apple and android devices. Although these may not truly “expand” on the story of The Avengers as a whole, it was definitely enough to peak people’s interest before the film and increase the overwhelming anticipation.

I know from personal experience that around the time Avengers came out in 2012 Marvel had unleashed a wave of comics that were maybe 20 pages long. Like the app and game these comics did not expand on the main story but instead gave you a little short story. This tactic once again I believe was to create hype and keep people interested.


The one thing Marvel has done that I think caught everybody off guard was the release of their television show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The show revolves around a revived Phil Coulson who has assembled a team to deal with threats against Earth. This expands the universe by letting you get to know some of the intricacies of S.H.I.E.L.D., the primary “good” force in The Avengers series. The show also lets you know more about Phil Coulson, who to me has always seemed to be a bit of a mystery throughout the series.

All in all, I believe Marvel truly understands the power of transmedia storytelling and have the resources to do it. Which is why they have been a powerhouse in the film industry. Marvel also has the willingness and ability to correct a mistake, for example you could say they rebooted the Hulk to fit into The Avengers universe.

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One comment on “The Avengers Transmedia Storytelling

  1. The first paragraph of the blog post does a good job describing the different forms of media Marvel utilizes in its transmedia storytelling. The definition of transmedia storytelling in the first paragraph could be worded a bit clearer (the words “only one tale” might be misleading to the reader), and this could be a good opportunity to quote Jenkins. The third paragraph describes short stories that delve from the main story line, which might also be a good place to engage with Jenkins, expand your definition of transmedia storytelling, or refer to terms like migratory cues. Because the blog post discusses specific aspects of Avengers, it might be helpful to provide some background information on the basic premise of the Avengers early in the post. The main thing that could improve the blog post would be to incorporate the readings into the text; remember that the blog posts are supposed to function like reading responses and should engage with the readings. Introducing Jenkins or Murray within the first paragraph of the text could provide the reader with context for the information discussed in the blog post, could provide focus for the content of the post, and would help the post fulfill the assignment requirements.

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