Gossip Girl Transmedia Extension

Throughout all six seasons ever created, I have continued season by season to be addicted to the show that every girl dreams of living in the character’s lifestyle; Gossip Girl. There are over eighty-eight thousand followers that one of the most popular characters on the show, Blair Waldorf, has on twitter. There is so many Gossip Girl fanatics out there, that large number of followers on the character’s twitter account has, that it doesn’t surprise me.


Throughout the character, Blair Waldorf’s twitter account, there are multiple tweets on quotes she said throughout the TV series. As you read through her tweets, you really feel like it’s the character, Blair Waldorf tweeting. She tweets things that only her personality throughout the series would actually say. An example of this, is a tweet she posted on February 19th, she tweets, “Don’t mess with me.” If you truly are a Gossip Girl follower, you just know that you don’t want to mess with the Blair Waldorf, because she will have a plan to take you down even harder.


Throughout the TV series of Gossip Girl, it demonstrates and exemplifies negative capability and migratory cues. Just like discussed in the readings by Henry Jenkins and Janet Murray, negative capability relays the sense of mystery and uncertainty. Throughout the series, there are well thought out gaps in the episodes which leaves a sense of “not knowing”, which you would eventually figure out the mystery of “not knowing” in later episodes. Migratory cues are also used throughout the series. Migratory cues is when something said or done, signals a clue to another mystery. This is demonstrated throughout Gossip Girl when anything is discovered it brings it back to something else or something new to figure out. In a way, negative capability and migratory cues work together and both give that sense of mystery and uncertainty.


A webisode and an in-character twitter account serve different purposes for narrative functions. A webisode is an episode of a TV series that is made possible to be viewed on the web. It is a way to watch the episode online or even re-watch the episode if you missed something. An in-character twitter account is more for the fans. It gives them a sense that the character in the series is actually real as they tweet things like the actual character would say and do.

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One comment on “Gossip Girl Transmedia Extension

  1. The first paragraph of the blog post presents you as an expert of Gossip Girl; however, focusing more on your audience could have improved the introduction to the blog. Be sure to fill in an unfamiliar reader with basic background information on the show and a clear definition of transmedia storytelling. Engaging with the readings earlier in the post might have made the post more coherent and could have made the texts feel more relevant to the post. Providing the reader with the titles of the readings from class would have provided context for a reader who might not be familiar with these texts or the terms and concepts. Using examples from the show to illustrate your use of the terms might have made their application more effective for the reader. Applying concepts from the readings to transmedia storytelling outside the show itself (like the Twitter account) might have also improved the effectiveness of the post overall.

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