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Gossip Girl is a show that makes up every girls dream and creates a storyline that every girl almost becomes obsessed with. Including the rich, upper east side, perfect relationships, drama and an endless amount of money that could easily get them out of trouble. The six seasons of this TV series are full of addicting drama that make you feel like you are in the middle of it. This show has become a huge hit for both men and women but mainly girls in their teens to middle age. One of the main and most well-liked characters is Blaire Waldorf. She is the center of all of the drama that goes on but helps everyone out with their problems even if that means scheming others. Blaire Waldorf is one of the most popular characters from the show and on social media including Twitter where she has 88,200 followers. There are many fans for this show as we can see in the thousands of people that try to connect with the characters outside of the show. This gives followers of Gossip Girl a way to interact and keep up with the characters that they most likely idolize.


As you scroll through the many tweets of Blaire Waldorf, you will find quotes she said throughout the show and photos of her referencing back to the show. This twitter account perfectly describes Blaire and really makes it feel like she is the one tweeting on your timeline. She is one of a kind and if you’ve seen the show, you know she is somewhat of a drama queen and very high maintenance. These tweets represent her personality and her thoughts very well. As you can see below, her tweet, “I’ve always tried to make my life resemble the movie in my head” describes Blaire perfectly because anything that goes wrong she has to make it right to create the perfect life for herself. This is exactly something Blaire would think and say , because in one part of the show she goes back and forth between the man she really loves and the prince that would give her the perfect life.

film blog post 3- blaire tweet 2


In this tweet from Feb 15, she tweeted “Stop talking. Start doing”. As a Gossip Girl follower we all know that you shouldn’t mess with Blaire Waldorf because she can end you with a  flash of a camera. Also the fact that most of the time, everything she says, goes.

film blog post 3- blaire tweet


Throughout the 6 addicting seasons, Gossip Girl has demonstrated negative capability. In the reading from Henry Jenkins, he states that negative capability is the act of being left with curiosity or having uncertainty about something. Gossip Girl leaves us not knowing a lot of things to keep us interested in what will happen next. This TV show also shows migratory cues. As Jane Murray describes in her article, migratory cues are something in the show that gives a hint/clues to another situation or mystery. This happens many times in this show, where one thing leads to another and things from season 1 lead to situations in season 2. This goes to show that every episode is essential to the next.

The different forms of transmedia extensions, a webisode and an in-character social media account, serve different narrative functions. A webisode is a specific episode of a series available to the public on the web also known as web television. It is usually a short amount of time averaging 10 minutes per webisode. An in-character social media is when a character from a tv show has an instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc and they post on it mainly for their fan base. It gives fans a way to interact and follow a specific character from a TV show.



One comment on “Gossip Girl: Blog Post 3 Transmedia

  1. The first paragraph does a good job of immediately introducing the reader to the subject analyzed, though trimming sentences unnecessary to giving the reader a general sense of the show and its type of transmedia storytelling would allow more room in the word count to engage with the readings from class. Also, introducing Jenkins or Murray within the first paragraph would give the reader a clear context for the rest of the content in the blog post. The last two paragraphs of the post provide the best analysis of the show and transmedia storytelling—building on the analysis on these two paragraphs (especially by engaging more with Jenkins and Murray) would improve the effectiveness of the post overall. Remember to end the post with a strong sentence or two that leave the reader with a clear sense of your main points—the post seems to end abruptly, probably because of a lack of space/time. Organizing the post with Jenkins and Murray at the beginning, providing more analysis and less description, and being economical with words could have improved the post overall.

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