Batman: Transmedia Storytelling through a wiki

The DC Comics’ work, Batman, is one of the most famous comics around the world. It tells a story about the only son of Gotham City’s richest family, Bruce Wayne, who witnessed his parents killed by a criminal in his childhood. He vowed to eliminate evil in Gotham City and don’t let other children suffer his fate. He visited many teachers to master a variety of detective knowledge and combat skills. With the resources from Wayne industry, he created a large number of high-tech equipment and began his crusade. During the day, he is the brainless second rich generation and play boy in the eyes of others. However, at night, he is the Dark Knight who makes criminals fear and tremble.


Due to the Batman’s influence, it has tons of transmedia extensions such as television series and movies, video games, character Twitter accounts and a Batman wiki.


The Batman wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to Batman. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article so that a comprehensive database for Batman fans can be created. According to Henry Jenkins theory, “A process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience”. In my opinion, the Batman Wiki can perfectly provide this kind of experience. Thus, I want to put some effort into analyzing the Batman wiki.


The Batman wiki is narratively connected to Batman comics and movies by giving description to every character, background about the video games and movies, images of characters and screenshots from the movies and blog post by user of the wiki. The wiki acts like hypertext fiction because it gathers all kinds of information about the Batman story and connect them one to another. It is like a Batman digital Library. By clicking the links, buttons and images on the wiki page, viewers can get all the information they need (videos, blog posts, pictures, etc).


Batman fans always refer to the Batman wiki for information because they need to find out Migratory Cues. Weather Robin died or not? Did Bruce Wayne rebuild his house? Through searching information on the Batman wiki and discussing with other Batman fans, people can get a clear view of the story and they will be inspired to dig dipper.


Human beings like something which can give them pleasure for a long period of time. This is the reason why Film Sequels are loved so much by viewers. For example, the <The Fast and the Furious>, the <007>, this kind of good movies shoot a few sequels and still get welcomed. So we shouldn’t be surprised that the Batman, a super classic story is still maintaining Cultural Attraction and Activation all over the world. By describing a super hero fighting against the evil, the story can always attracts people’s attentions.


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By driftkinggeorge

One comment on “Batman: Transmedia Storytelling through a wiki

  1. The first paragraph does a good job introducing the reader to Batman with basic background information. Incorporating links, like the Batman wiki, into the text (rather than leaving it as a floating link) will provide the reader with the content of the link and will look more professional. Remember to work quotes into sentences so that the reader can clearly understand the point you are trying to make—for example, the quote in the second paragraph reads as a fragment because of the way it is introduced in the sentence. Be sure to define terms, like hypertext fiction, for any readers who might be unfamiliar with the term, so they can still follow your main points–and comparing the qualities of hypertext fiction with the qualities of the wiki would help make the argument stronger. The blog uses several keywords from the readings, but it is important to provide the reader with definitions for those terms, context for the terms, and in-text citations for any information derived from external sources.

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