How I met your mother is a highly successful TV show on CBS. The show has been on the air for a very long time; with just over 200 episodes spanning over nine seasons the show has developed a huge fandom. I have seen almost all the episodes with the expectation to the newest season. Through out the show you are slowly giving hints as to which the mother is however they always cut it short and mess with the audience. This has generated a major demand for to find out whom the mother is. Online I was able to find all sorts of transmedia. On twitter I was able to find accounts for each one of the main characters. On their pages they talk about what happened last week on the show and they live tweet during new episodes and commercial breaks giving people the feeling that the show is real life. In the show one of the main characters named Barney talks about his blog in the TV show on many occasion. I was not surprised when I was able to find “Barneys Blog” on “Barney” blogs about once a week, many times the blog is slightly relevant to the specific episode or it can be something that is totally off topic that is simply a new piece of information about the characters themselves. Based on Henry Jenkins, “Transmedia Storytelling 101” Barneys blog would be considered as an extension of media. Henry Jenkins describes an Extension of media as “Extension may provide insight into the characters and their motivations, may flesh out aspects of the fictional world, or may bridge between events depicted in a series of sequels”.


In more then just one specific episode of how I met your mother barney refers to books that he has wrote, one being “the Bro Code” and another being “the Playbook” after the episode that revolved around each of those books were eared, both of those books were made available to buy. Based on Henry Jenkins, “Transmedia Storytelling 101” these books are considered to be media consolidation. This is when the form of media is spread onto many different forms of media. This is also sometimes called synergy.









Work cited:

Jenkins, Henry. “Transmedia Storytelling 101.” Confessions of an AcaFan. Genesis Framework, 22 Mar. 2007. Web. 02 Mar. 2014.







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  1. The blog does a good job applying Jenkins’s discussion of extensions to Barney’s blog. The blog also does a good job introducing Jenkins and his text to provide context for the reader, though mentioning Jenkins earlier could have created more useful applications and context for other terms, like transmedia storytelling. Be sure to define any keywords that the reader may not recognize. Providing basic background information on the content of the show might have been helpful for readers unfamiliar with the show. The tone of the blog post could be improved with more audience awareness—remember that some readers might not be familiar with some of the phrases used (slang, colloquialisms, etc) in conversational language, and using a more professional or scholarly tone (rather than conversational language) encourages the reader to view you as an expert. Organizing your thoughts into paragraphs, rather than having large, inclusive paragraphs, could improve the flow of the text and could help the reader follow your main points. Placing the photos within the text where they are being discussed in the text could help the reader identify which photos illustrate which points and could make the images seem more relevant to the text—the placement might also make the post appear more professional, as well as making the images more effective. Be sure to read over and spellcheck your text before posting a blog.

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