Blog Post 2 Batman

blog post 2 fms110


One comment on “Blog Post 2 Batman

  1. The blog post does a good job of engaging with the images included in the text. Be sure to stay aware of your audience when writing a blog post. For example, the introduction describes why you chose Batman, which may be interesting to you, but providing the reader with background information about Batman, transmedia storytelling, and Jenkins in the introduction would be more helpful to them. Something that might improve the post would be providing clear definitions for readers unfamiliar with the terms included in the blog post; the definition for the first term is somewhat unclear, and might be improved by using a quote from Jenkins; the second term is applied rather than defined, which might confuse some readers. A major change that would improve the blog post would be focusing on the wiki you say you are going to study at the beginning of the blog post, instead of describing google searches and other unrelated items. Using in-text citations would improve the blog post overall, especially differentiating between the two Jenkins sources. Ending the blog post with a conclusion that wraps up your main ideas would help the reader know what you want them to take from the blog post.

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