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The wiki page I chose to post about was on Miley Ray Cyrus. I chose this page purely because of the (negative and positive) media hype that has surrounded/followed this Hollywood start for the past several months.  My main focus was not to necessarily find misinformed facts about the star and her life, but rather, the portrayal of her character due to her most recent (and past) actions. The results were pretty neutral as per Miley’s actions and my analysis ended up being mostly on the type of information being presented, who edits the page and how frequently it is worked on.The wiki page starts off with a very concise yet detailed synopsis of her career’s timeline. The article states her Name followed by the name she was born with, her birthday and her career title. According to IMBd in Google search, this information is all correct. The rest of the article continues on to break down her career path including her success being launched by the hit Disney Show Hannah Montana.

In the ‘Talk’ Section of the wiki page, it mainly consists of edits on fixing grammatical errors to make sure that the information presented in the article sounds more intellectual. There is one discrepancy about the validity of a piece of information regarding the listing of her debut album but that is taken into consideration and is edited.


The information (references) for this article has been retrieved from various sources starting from 2005-2013. The information being collected came from personal interviews from Miley as well as multiple highly revered newspapers/magazines and statistics about her albums’ success and rankings came mostly from ITunes and few other music websites/programs. The ‘collective intelligence’ theory applies to this article in the sense that all the information being stated has not come from just one source but from various sources (even outside of the US). The information came from the artist herself in personal interviews as well as from websites and programs that have measurable and mathematically recorded proof of her success and growth/changes in her career.

The revison history shows that the article is constantly being critiqued and revised. The revisions date as recent as two days ago this month. There are quite a few edits that have the m next to it indicating that they were only minor and then there are a few edits requesting to add a new section to the page.

ImageOverall the information presented on this wiki page is a combination of factual, recorded figures, information through word-of-mouth, statements from personal interviews as well as from reporters doing their own research. Of course information is also added from die-hard fans of Miley Cyrus who retrieved their knowledge through their own experience of being a fan, alterantive research methods and information obtaied through Cyrus’ personal socail media sites.


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  1. The post starts with a good introduction to why Miley Cyrus might be an interesting choice for this kind of assignment. Introducing Jenkins and the title of the reading within the text of the blog post (rather than in the in-text citation) would help provide the reader with context for ideas like collective intelligence. Clearly defining this term can also help the reader, who may not be familiar with Jenkins’s writing or these keywords. Introducing Jenkins early in the blog post would help the reader apply concepts from Jenkins to the subsequent content of the post. The post does a good job incorporating images as visual evidence for your analysis, though including more specific data from the Wikipedia page could help the reader have a better understanding of the unique qualities of Cyrus’s page (for example, the second to last paragraph says “quite a few,” when a number or percentage would be better). Also, be sure to read over your text to find spelling errors and other surface level issues before posting.

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