Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

The Los Angeles Angels are my passion and my favorite professional sports team. So I figured why not analyze something that I have spent countless hours watching and researching. After reading the Angels Wikipedia page I have found that the article’s information is correct. But I also feel like it is a little bit biased coming from Angel’s fans points of view. The Wikipedia page includes the teams history, players, and traditions.


After reading the Angels Wikipedia page and viewed the history I came to the conclusion that the article is mostly constructed by Angels fans and sports buffs. Averaging almost a revision a day for the past eight years since the page was created the revisions are mostly coming from updated statistics of the team and the players. I think that this article shows extensive knowledge of the organization as a whole and allows the viewer to get a very good understanding of the teams long standing traditions and statistics. The only concern I crossed was the biased tone in which the article is written. I feel like this is not  that much of an issue because it is the tone in which the article is written and it doesn’t change the facts and the truth behind the article.


In Henry Jenkins’, “What Wikipedia can Teach Us About New Media Literacies,” he talks about collective intelligence a lot. I think that the Angels Wikipedia page conveys a very good source of collective intelligence. This is so because all the information is combined and pooled not from peoples perspectives but from facts and historical evidence and statistics. With almost three thousand revisions, I have concluded that the information pooled from everyone’s edits, the information is accurate and a reliable source. This being a major Wikipedia page I feel like the collective evidence is coming from very reliable sources and that there is no limitation to the collective evidence allowed on this page because I feel like it is coming from people that are very interested in the organization and are able to factually and truthfully convey the rich history of the organization. The collective intelligence on this page is reliable to any source out their and the Angels Wikipedia page should be allowed to be viewed as a credible source. I feel like many people agree with the amount of traffic this page receives.


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One comment on “Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

  1. Good job setting yourself up as an expert, while also showing your ability to critically analyze the page by noting the page’s bias. One way to improve the post would be to use more specific details when making arguments, such as the argument that the page is biased. Including wording that shows the bias of the page could provide evidence of that point for the reader so they accept the argument’s validity or they better understand your meaning. Defining collective intelligence and introducing Jenkins’s writing earlier in the post would provide the reader with context for your argument and would make the post more coherent. Be sure to connect your images to the text of the blog post, and be sure to utilize images in a way that is most helpful to the reader, either by annotating them to direct the reader to useful information or by cropping the image so it contains only information related to your points. Try to end the post with a sentence or two that leave the reader with a good sense of your main points or what you want them to take away from the reading. Engaging more with Jenkins and being more specific with the data analysis would have made for a stronger argument and post overall.

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