The New York Yankees do not need an introduction.  The year 2014 will be their 114th season as a franchise. The sources for information regarding the Yankees are immense. Wikipedia continues to be a resource which is very popular for fans. A person reading Wikipedia who is not familiar with the New York Yankees may not recognize if the information is updated, credible or correct. The Wikipedia article for 2014 New York Yankee Season, was created in September of 2013. It is more statistical in nature so the information can be easily verified.  It has had 48 revisions with 26 users contributing to the updates.

 One of Henry Jenkins goal is to ensure young people better understand their role in the emerging digital culture. Ensuring the credibility of information posted as well as having a credible source is key. In the article “What Wikipedia Can Teach Us about New Media Studies”, Mr. Jenkins defines collective intelligence as the ability to pool knowledge and compare notes with others towards a common goal” (Jenkins). Wikipedia would generally meet this definition as it is a resource for sharing information. What adds to the credibility of the information are the sources and experts contributing and the security measures added to the site. In the article regarding the New York Yankee season, there were many tools to assist in analyzing the intelligence.

 Out of the 26 users, 45.83% of the edits were made by the top 10 active users. This statistic would suggest that most of the information is from a knowledgeable source. All IP addresses are tracked which adds to the security and each user is posted on the site. The top contributor is an eight year writer on Wikipedia and is a fan of the New York Yankees. With the main contributor being a fan, sources are key.  A professional baseball team has many facts which may be used to post on Wikipedia. It would be difficult to post something that was not accurate as all of the resources used are highly credible, including the New York Yankees website. The article also included a transclusion reference of MediaWiki. MediaWiki is another credible source of facts. The article is relatively new and updated on a regular basis.  The New York Yankees have been very active so it is imperative that the updates on the upcoming 2014 season are at least weekly. There has been an average of 11.87 updates per month and all information is reliable and correct.



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Page   title:

2014 New York Yankees season

Total   revisions:


Number   of minor edits:

5   (10.42%)

Number   of IP edits:

19   (39.58%)

First   edit:

25   September 2013, 13:48:08 (by WikiBaseballFan)

Most   recent edit:

26   January 2014, 17:17:53

Average   time between edits:

2.56   days

Average   number of edits per month:


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Number   of edits in the last year:


Number   of users:


Average   edits per user:


Number   of edits made by the top 10% of active users:

22   (45.83%)

  “Yankees, Beltran finalize three-year, $45M deal”. New Haven Register. December 19, 2013. Retrieved January 4, 2014. 

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  1. The introduction of the blog post has important and interesting information, but organizing the thoughts to be more reader-friendly and saving more detailed data for the body of the text could improve the reader’s first impression of your post. The second paragraph does a good job introducing Jenkins article and the concept of collective intelligence, which is introduced early enough to give the reader a clear understanding of the concept before it is applied to the rest of the post. The post utilizes the data from the page to create an interesting conclusion about the importance of fans needing to use sources to back up their information, and there is a good opportunity there to more directly discuss issues of bias within the context of collective intelligence. In general, the post could be improved by engaging more with Jenkins and using terms like collective intelligence to explain your main ideas, especially in the last paragraph when analyzing data from the Wikipedia page. Be sure to connect your images to the text of the blog post, and be sure to utilize images in a way that is most helpful to the reader, either by annotating them to direct the reader to useful information or by cropping the image so it contains only information related to your points. Always be sure to cite your sources, both in the text and at the end of the post in a works cited (unless you are linking out).

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