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I chose my Wikipedia article on the one and only Justin Bieber. There is many valid straight-forward points in this topic. This article tells us from the very beginning of Justin Bieber, from when he first started to now.  



 I wasn’t a very big fan of Justin Bieber at the beginning. I thought he was just one of the kids that will have a couple of songs then be nothing. As time went on, I gained plenty of knowledge about Justin Bieber and then realized that he wasn’t just some kid. He really grew on me and I fell in love and follow his music and him all the time now. This Wikipedia article in particular is accurate in everything that they pointed out. Justin Bieber has received many awards in his career including both Artist of the Year Awards at the 2010 AMA’s and the 2012 AMA’s and many more.

 In this article there are many different citations that include a lot of page number references from various sites that have a ton of information about Justin Bieber, which is really cool to actually look at. This article in particular has no publications like some of the other Wikipedia articles do.

I noticed that the article that I chose has a neutral connotation to it which I like. It truly states very factual events and detailed information about Justin Bieber. There are many people in this world who do not like him at all and have everything negative to say about him but in this article no one is actually bagging on him. Some people either like him or dislike him.



Don’t get me wrong, this article does has a lot of knowledgeable facts about Justin Bieber himself and his career, but if you wanted to be one of those die hard fans you would have to go into more depth research to find out things that other’s don’t really know about, which in this case Wikipedia don’t give the reader every little detail. A good option to do if you wanted to be a die hard fan is to search websites that are fan written that could give you those in depth facts about Justin Bieber.

There has been a total of 6,340 users who have edited this article. There are 49 users who have edited this article 10 times or more. The top user, “Candyo32,” has made 321 edits and has spent over 2 days editing Justin Biebers Wikipedia page. Her first edit was on September 11, 2009, and her last edit was on March 31, 2012. Most of the edits are when Justin Bieber has announced a new album, one of his tours are coming up, or even his most recent received awards that he has gotten. 



As you can see, this Justin Bieber page has a lot of action with people filling in needed information. This activeness of the article has to do with how popular Justin Bieber has become. Most of the editors are huge fans of Justin Bieber. This is where they are sharing their common characteristics and putting them all together to make an article like this one. One thing that I found from Henry Jenkins’ “What Wikipedia Can Teach Us About New Media Literacies,” is that he points out a fact that is relevant to this article which made me want to go into more depth about it. He says, “What holds a knowledge community together is not the possession of knowledge — which can be relatively static — but the social process of acquiring knowledge — which is dynamic and participatory, continually testing and reaffirming the group’s social ties.”

There is more information about “What Wikipedia Can Teach Us About New Media Literacies” on these two helpful sites:

Higdon, Jude. “Judehigdon.” : What Wikipedia Can Teach Us about the New Media Literacies. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2008. <>

Jenkins, Henry. “WHAT WIKIPEDIA CAN TEACH US ABOUT THE NEW MEDIA LITERACIES (PART ONE).” Confessions of an AcaFan. N.p., 26 June 2007. Web. 14 Feb. 2014. <> (Part Two): <>

Jenkins’ has a really good point about the significant number of edits, posts, changes and contributors, which I related it straight to the Justin Bieber Wikipedia article because it was a great example that shot right at me. The Wikipedia article on Justin Bieber is a very good learning source because of the fact that he is one of the Hit Stars who us followers are very interested in his music, lifestyle, and his career in general. By adding information to this article is a way how all fans can follow Justin Biebers every more, or any singer. Overall, this page provides knowledgeable information about the early life, career, style, image, and personal life of Justin Bieber. 


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  1. While the first paragraph tells the reader the topic of the post, it doesn’t add much information overall. Cutting the first paragraph could work, as the second paragraph clearly introduces the topic and your expertise in a more detailed and interesting style. Introducing Jenkins and the title of the reading earlier in the text could have improved your post by providing the reader context for your analysis. The post could also be improved by clearly defining collective intelligence for a reader who might be unfamiliar with the term. The post could also be improved by using more specific data in the analysis as well as specific examples to support your arguments, such as the argument that the page is unbiased. Backing up that claim with numbers or textual examples could make your argument more convincing. One thing to consider when using images is how to make them function best for the reader. Be sure to tie them into the post through your text, and take the opportunity to annotate the images to highlight your main points, using Awesome Screenshots, for example. Also, be sure to consider ending the post with a sentence or two that leave the reader with a clear sense of the points you were making. Linking out to sources or using a Works Cited list might be more reader friendly.

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