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FMS 110

            Spotify is an application that is one of the contributors to a change in how society is listening to music.  Spotify for Dummies describes it as a “magic act.” With Spotify you can practically pull music out of thin air (Gilmour Ch. 1). It requires no downloads and takes up very little space on your phone or computer. All you have to do is click search and a grand world of music awaits you.

            The man behind this “magic trick” is Daniel Ek. He had grown up loving both technology and music and had a deep understanding of both. From this understanding came Spotify. At first, those he talked to as potential investors were stoked. Social media was such a big thing and music has always been a huge part of people’s lives, so bringing these together intrigued people (Bertoni).  This fascination is similar to the fascination Gunning discusses in his essay. He says that new technologies “evoke a short-lived wonder” and “involve magical operations”, but then this dissipates to habit (Gunning 47).  Similar reactions were felt with Spotify.  It was exciting and evoked wonder, but now is a technology that has been around for six years. It is now habitual.  

            In their advertisements, Spotify drew on common conceptions of music such as it being for the people and a special part of life, but made those work in a way that made Spotify look magical. The below commercial places Spotify in the position of being the business who is saying yes to music when you want and how you want.. It shows a man crowd surfing over a large audience in order to show the public that Spotify is an object for the masses and will give you an exhilarating experience. Then the commercial  plays on immediacy of music in this commercial in order to make the audience understand how important it is to have an application that puts you in control. This all works together to convince the audience that Spotify is everything they’ve been waiting for.

            Despite all the talk of Spotify being a magical innovation, it was not all alone a huge technological breakthrough, when you look at P2P technology. According to a case study on Spotify, “Internet and peer-to-peer (P2P) technology changed the way of music creation, delivering and consuming” (JU 120). So, even though Spotify is credited as ingenious for its relation of social media sharing and music, P2P technology is the original and the reason why Spotify can be what it is.

            Overall, Spotify is a technology that broke through barriers of what people thought was possible with music and due to this, created a sense of wonder.


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  1. First of all, great job creating a meme that illustrates your main ideas clearly and easily translates for the reader. Keep in mind that discussing the meme within the text and directing the reader to the images of the meme would make the meme more relevant to the text and could help illustrate connections between the images and your main ideas. The first paragraph pulls the reader in nicely and clearly acknowledges the source material for the information included from external sources. In-text citations are used consistently throughout the blog, allowing the reader to access the information in external sources. While Gunning’s article is applied in the blog post, providing the title of Gunning’s article earlier in the text of the blog post would provide context for the points you bring up from Gunning’s essay. While the information about the commercial is interesting, editing that text might have freed up the word count and allowed the last two paragraphs of the text to feel more developed and leave the reader with a clear sense of your main points.

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