greentea1234 – GPS

greentea1234 - GPS

Media becomes part of our life such as Facebook, smart phone which able to watch movies and browses internet. Nowadays, people use technologies for entertainment most of the time. There has a lot of technologies have a lot useful function in our life. For example: GPS (Global Positioning System). After read Tom Gunning: Re-Newing Old Technologies article, we may re-think what media technologies can do for us.
In the article, John Onian’s 4 stages of amazement: “mental reaction leading to learning” (Gunning 41). Grandparents are the oldest generation who may have the most difficulty to learn the newest technologies. In their generation, it didn’t even have a simple computer.
On the other hand, people who live in the latest generation who keep catching up with newest technologies. It becomes their habit according to John Onian’s 4 stages of amazement (Gunning 41). Students use technologies during lecture becomes their habits or entertainment too. People use technologies anytime anywhere even when they’re driving. That’s why traffic accident gradually increased along with technologies being part of their life. Even GPS has human speaker navigation; it can still be a sidetrack.
If we use new technologies properly, it can draw people closing to each other. “An overcoming of space and time that allowed a new sense of the global in a world shrunken by new technologies of transportation and communication (Gunning 39). Journalists use technologies GPS traveling around the world and bring us the newest information from other countries. GPS not only navigate where to go, it also able tracking where the mail or vehicle location. The tracking information keep updating just like tech bloggers keep updating their point of view of technologies.
Technologies become “a consequent physical paralysis” (Gunning 41). My aunt told me her life story when GPS hasn’t being invented as common technologies. She needed to get out the car and walked up to people asking direction when she drove lost. Now, we can just sit in the car and type where you want to go and click “navigate” on your screen. The newest GPS has more options to let the user chooses how to be navigated.
Gumming, T., (2004). Re-Newing Old Technologies: Astonishment, Second Nature, and the Uncanny in Technology from the Previous Turn-of-the-Century. In David, T, Editor & Henry, J. Editor & Brad, S. Editor (Eds.), Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition (pp. 39-60). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


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